Millennium is proud to be a partner with Advanced Secure Technologies. Advanced Secure, based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, is a leading provider of Secure Certificates and Digital Certificates to the
Higher Education market.

Specializing in high security degree and document printing, the advanced security features protect your education documents from fraud, preserving the reputation and prestige of your institution and the integrity of your qualifications.

Use the Advanced Secure Digital Certificate technology to streamline your processes, increase efficiency and protect your documents from fraud. You’ll be confident your organisation’s reputation and standing is safe from the risk of counterfeiting.


Millennium’s partnership with Oracle and the Oracle OPN gives the company access to the latest and greatest Oracle products, support and education.

The Millennium FAST suite backend is developed in these Oracle technologies and having access to the Oracle Partner Network allows us to stay current with these new technologies as they become available. It also allows us to ensure our staff competencies in Oracle are maintained and updated, allowing us to deliver high end Oracle applications.

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