The rumours are true…. Virtual Columns are now available!

January 16th, 2017

You can now create “virtual” columns at either the individual level or even at a global level for all end users of the report! This gives you the amazing ability to add one or more NEW columns to your report results! Just think of the possibilities:

  • Concatenate two or more columns in the report quickly into ONE
  • Create a formula based on existing column data…something like:
    • Column C \ Column F – Column B = BRAND NEW USEFUL COLUMN X
  • Duplicate an existing column to display it a second time and/or use Virtualizations to render it as a visual icon or image

The possibilities are endless and the power is amazing! Customize your report, YOUR way.

Here’s a quick run-down (but be sure to check out the detailed training videos for a way more thorough explanation!):

  1. Make sure you are running 4.3.06 or higher – if you’re not, what are you waiting for?
  2. Run your report
  3. Click the GEAR button on the top left hand corner of your report:

  1. Click + to add a new column
  2. Fill in the Virtual Column worksheet to define the parameters of your new column including title, width, format, and of course the formula. The formula is the trickiest part, so be sure to ask for help if you need it!
  3. Click SAVE and the report will re-execute with your new Virtual Column right where you want it!

Best part is, you can still use any of the Advanced Options, Grouping features, Pinned Reports, Graphing and more to refine, aggregate or modify your new report data!

Don’t like one of the titles of a report column or don’t think it quite captures the information correctly?

January 3rd, 2017
How about changing it?

If you are an application administrator, did you know that you can do this yourself  and on a global level? Here’s how:

  1. Locate the Report and find the Administration Tab (note: this is probably under your + More tab)
  2. The first tab, called Datagrid Columns lists all the current columns in this report.
  3. Locate the column title you wish to change; change the text right on this page! – the cell is case sensitive and if you need to make it slightly wider or more narrow, just change the “width” column right next to it!
  4. Click Save and update changes.

Re-run the report – it is now changed for all end users who run this report!

Do you use the same transaction or workflow approvers over and over again?

October 12th, 2016

Let’s simplify things a little!

Did you know you can tag them as “faves” on the Approval page so you don’t have to keep searching for their Employee ID’s every time?

The best part is, tag them ONCE and they maintain as long as you need! AND if you use the same approver in FAST Budget and Forecasting, JV and Web Req, they’ll automatically carry over to your other apps!

The process is simple:

  1. Click on “send for approval” in whatever application you’re working in
  2. Locate your approver using the search box or typing in their Employee ID
  3. Once you find him/her, click the yellow STAR button next to the name
  4. Never search again! Next time you need to send for approval, just click from your list of TAGGED approvers.


You can also tag as many as you like if you use more than one on a regular basis!

Ever wonder what’s new in FAST or how the heck to keep on top of all that great stuff?

September 19th, 2016

If you have not yet checked out the FREE FAST “How Do I?” Video library, you’re definitely missing out! The Video library is available on the Training Video Tab of your FAST Portal home page. Did I mention it’s FREE to all FAST users?

The best part is, this is your one-stop shop for not just all the latest and greatest new FAST features but you can also brush up on some of the classic tools that you may not use every day. The videos are short & sweet (5 minutes or less) and cover one key feature or concept in FAST! Most of the videos are module neutral which means you can apply the tips and tricks to any FAST application.

We have tons of topics to choose from and update the video content monthly to correspond with our new release schedule! There is also a dedicated tab to cover all of the “admin” features in FAST!

Did I mention it’s FREE? You really need to check it out. This is going to help everyone!

How to use Column Level Filters

August 31st, 2016

We know you love your reports but do you ever wish you could tweak them just slightly? Have you tried using the Column Level Filters yet? If not….you haven’t lived! Ok maybe a slight exaggeration.

Now here’s what you need to know:

  1. Run a report of your choosing (I would pick one for you but there are just too many that I love!)
  2. Choose a column that you want to modify
  3. Click on the Column Header (right on the title will work…and NOT a right-click!)
  4. A column level toolbar will display!

Here are your choices (because unless you’re a Pisces like me, you LOVE choices!):

  1. Apply a Column Level Custom Filter to further refine your results
  2. Sort your column ascending or descending
  3. Plot your column as an X or Y axis for your soon-to-be awesome graph!
  4. Hide your column (if you decide you don’t really like it that much after all)


Still need a bit of help with this? Check out the training videos or reach out for some custom training options!


Need to “alert” your audience to something important? Need I say more?

July 26th, 2016

alerts in FAST

Are you taking advantage of the FAST Alert system? Alerts are available to Administrators on both the FAST Portal Home Page (global) and every single FAST application Home Page.

Use the Alerts to remind your staff to submit their budgets by the deadline, to make sure grades are entered before the end of the term, or to remind them of the department pot-luck next Friday!

You can set Alerts to appear and disappear based on a pre-determined schedule, or just leave them up until you’re ready to change or delete them!


Are you using the right “back” button?

July 11th, 2016

Many people still don’t realize….FAST has its very own “Return To” button that helps you re-execute the last report you ran! Use this instead of the back button in your browser for consistent results every single time!

The “Return to” button will automatically redraw the last report you ran and include any filter options you used to produce it.

Take that a step farther by clicking the Return to Report button next to it and generate a list of all the reports you’ve run today! Report details include the report title, the time you executed the report, any filter options you included and it even shows you whether or not it was a Pinned Report! Just click on any to re-run on demand!

back button

It’s a quick and easy way to reproduce the same report data the same day.

Wish it was easier to send that weekly status report to all the campus Deans? Wait a second…now it IS easier! Have you explored the new Report Scheduler yet?

June 24th, 2016

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Group Role (you will need administrative access to do this)…actually you can make as many groups as you like!
  2. Put all the necessary people in said role (ie. all the Deans, all the Executive, all the Administrative Officers, all the anything!)
  3. Now create a Pinned Report and save it as a Group Pinned Report and assign it to the appropriate Group.
  4. Now for the cool part: schedule that report to be sent out at any interval: daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly, quarterly, yearly…if you can imagine it, you can schedule it! Here’s what else you get to choose:
    • Frequency
    • Interval
    • Time of day
    • Output (should this be a PDF or an Excel file?)
    • Add any additional text to the title or body of the email
  5. Now click SCHEDULE and let it all happen automatically!

You can follow-up using a detailed audit log of events and will even get email notification if any reports failed to send to any of your designated recipients. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Not all Landing Pages are created equal!

June 10th, 2016

Just because your school’s Landing Page is maybe a beautiful picture of your campus, doesn’t mean you’re forced to see it every single time you log into FAST!
We want to minimize the number of ‘clicks’ it takes for you to get where you need. Start by selecting the right landing tab!
To select your own personal default:
1. Pick a tab on the FAST Portal landing page – Pinned Reports? Dashboard? Training Videos? (my personal fave!)
2. Now click the Padlock on the Tab to ‘lock’ your selection. It will save for you as your own personal default every single time you log into FAST. If you change your mind, just click it again to ‘unlock’ and start over!
What’s even better? You can also choose a Tab for each FAST application – and it doesn’t even have to be the same one. Want to see Training Videos on the FAST Home Page and Pinned Reports in FAST HR? You have the power to make it happen! Just follow the same instructions for each of your FAST applications.

FAST Product Update 4.3.07 is released.

May 18th, 2016

We have released version 4.3.07. This version is releasing our new Financial Aid Reporting Module and enhancements to our new Virtual Columns features.

The release notes can be found on our release notes page. If you want to upgrade to this version, please contact our customer support system to arrange an update time.

The next product update is scheduled for release in late June, 2016.