PCard Subscription based Training Courses

Subscription Based training courses can be embedded directly into a new Tab in your FAST application. This allows users to quickly and easily find and watch training videos that are relevant to the module that they are using. There is no separate login, url or link they need to have.

We are constantly adding and updating the videos. If you have a suggestion for what you would like to see, please send us an email.

For more information or to subscribe, contact us at training@mcsl.com or contact your favorite Millennium employee!


FAST PCARD: Introduction for End Users
This course will cover an introduction for all end users in the PCard application. We will explore the Purchasing Card Dashboard for navigation, we will demonstrate how to reconcile your monthly transactions, how to split or edit a transaction and also how to print off your monthly statements.
Length: 26:20

Your subscription also includes access to detailed ‘General’ videos.

These videos cover items such as Site Admin, Report Builder, and information on how to use the common features across all FAST modules. Click here for more information on the General Videos.