Working at Millennium can be fun and relaxing while also being challenging and rewarding.  Some of the perks of working here include:

  • Quality hardware/workstations: double or triple monitors, desktop PCs with SSDs and lots of memory, ergonomic chairs, etc
  • Free coffee/espresso and a fully stocked beverage fridge,
  • Periodic in office company barbeques where we eat large quantities of high quality meat,
  • Casual dress code and flexible working hours,
  • Ample free underground parking,
  • XBoxes connected to projectors in the meeting rooms,
  • Competitive salary, full benefits, lots of vacation days and holidays.

We are always looking for highly dynamic and motivated individuals with tremendous skills such as development in Microsoft .NET and Oracle, Project Management, Client Technical Support and Analyst functions. If you sound like you have these skills then send your information to