Adding Attachments

To add supporting documentation to a record in any FAST Module look for the paper clip icon or the Attach Additional Information button, usually located in the footer of the page or window.

Your document will be given a unique reference number which can later be used in to search in the FAST Finance document lookup tool.

The type of documents that can be attached are determined by your institution. Usually the most common are allowed. For example; xls, xlsx, pdf, jpeg, doc, docx.

You can also mark the attachment as confidential, meaning it will remain in the module that you upload the document in. The document will not flow through into FAST Finance. To set an attachment as confidential select the check box labeled: Make the attachment confidential (so it will not be shared with other systems).

For help uploading attachments click the blue question mark in the top right corner of the attachment window. Alternatively you can search the word Attachment in the Online Documentation located under the Help menu in every FAST module.