Browser Back Button and Report History

Need to jump between reports, or get back to one you ran previously in your session? Try using the built in ‘Return to’ button or the ‘Return to Report’ history drop down. Both of these features are found under the FAST header bar at the top right of your browser window.

The Return to button will take you to the last report you ran and execute it with your previously selected filter options. The button will appear after you have executed at least two reports.

The Return to Report  drop down list will show all reports executed during the current session and you can select any in the list to return to that report. It will auto execute with the filter options you selected. The button will appear after you have executed at least one report.

The session history can also be pinned as a side bar so you can view the entire list at all times. To pin the session history open, select the Session History item at the bottom of the Return to Report list. To close it, simply click the red ‘X’ in the history pane.

The session history is cleared upon session time out, logout, or closing your browser windows.