certification and secure documents

Millennium has partnered with Advanced Secure Technologies from the United Kingdom to provide our clients with both digital and physical secure documents.

Advanced Secure has created an entire system, both software and with high tech secure paper, to enable Institutions to stop fraud, stream line ceremonies productions and enable Graduates to easily access and share their information.


We are now able to offer and support the Advanced Secure Digital Certificates software, which integrates directly into the FAST Student Module. The software will allow you to stream line your certificate management processes, allowing you to increase efficiencies and protect your documents from fraud.

The Digital Certificates enable:

  • manages the letter generation, degree and certificate printing
  • streamlines your ceremony process with printing order and different ceremonies
  • locked down protection using a secure license key
  • enhanced printing with high security laser printers
  • auditing of degree and transcript printing
  • online degree verification for potential employers
  • online degree reprints
  • online documents and sharing ability enables you to keep in better touch with your Alumni

As well as the Digital Certificate software, we now also offer Secure Document Certificates for transcripts, degrees and other documents, reducing fraud and protecting your Institution’s reputation.

Secure certificates of award are currently protecting many of the UK’s leading institutions from the threat of fraud. We understand the intrinsic value of these award documents and why they are so at risk from unscrupulous people.

With decades of industry experience and knowledge in the secure certificate printing industry means we can advise you on best practice and guide you in improving all aspects of the certificate issuing process.

We invest in research and development to make sure your award certificates will be ahead of the fraudsters. And we constantly review our secure technologies to bring you the latest, cutting-edge document security features and certificate printing services.
The Secure Document Certificates offer you:

  • access to unique, controlled-supply paper that has a genuine watermark for added security
  • a holographic visual deterrent giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting
  • branded overprint of the hologram, personalizing the paper with your Coat of Arms or Corporate Branding. Giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting
  • easy auditing with individual numbering for each certificate
  • instant certificate authentication with a heat reactive spot – simply touch it to authenticate genuine certificates
  • personalized, complex graphics to rival banknote-level security, which are extremely difficult to reproduce


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