Creating a new Dashboard for other people to view

In version 4.1 it is possible to create as many dashboards as desired.
Each dashboard can be assigned to multiple groups. Once you
assign it to groups, all users in that group will be able to see, but not edit
that dashboard. They will see it as a drop down list on the Dashboard tab on
the home page, and just need to select it to see it.

It is recommended to create the dashboard without applying the groups, until
you are satisfied with the content and accuracy of the graphs. Once you are ready
to deploy, go back to Manage Dashboard, edit the title and assign it to the groups.
Once you hit Save, the new dashboard will appear for those groups.

To assign to multiple groups, just hold down the control key to select the groups
you want.

If you need a new group, they can be added under the Administration menu, Define Roles.
When creating a new one, just tick the Group option and it will apear for use with dashboards.