Directions to IMUC 2013 Boat Cruise

IMUC 2013
Directions to Boat Cruise

You will be boarding the Corporate Yacht called Sunset Bay 2, located in the Westin Bayshore Marina. Look for Millennium employees in white golf shirts at the dock to help guide you.

If you are walking, should take approximately 20-25 minutes. A walking map is below. If you are unfamiliar with Vancouver, it is a pleasant, safe walk.

If you are taking a Taxi, it should be about a 7-12 minute ride, but that is considered rush hour, so may take longer. You can tell the Taxi driver the boat is located right beside the Lift Bar and Grill at the Westin Bayshore.

Please be aware that the vessel will leave at 4:00 sharp so please leave ample time to arrive. If you are not there by 4, it will leave without you. We will return to the dock at 7 pm. Food and beverages will be served on board.

3:30pm – 4:00pm Boarding – Sunset Bay II Please arrive prior to departure time to allow time for boarding. Vessel will depart at 4:00pm sharp to ensure we arrive back to the dock on time. Your name MUST be on the registration list to board.
4:00pm Vessel departs Westin Bayshore Marina Do not be late. We will leave at 4pm sharp. Mingle until 4:30 when we will start our presentation.
4:30pm – 5:30pm What’s New? Presentation by Millennium staff Have a seat and join the Millennium staff as they outline what’s new in Version 4.2 and the future road map for the FAST suite of applications.
5:30pm – 7:00pm Relax and enjoy! Grab a drink and a bite to eat, network with other FAST users and the Millennium staff all while enjoying the sights!
7:00pm Vessel arrives back at Westin Bayshore Marina Vessel Arrives back at the marina.

If you run into issues finding the boat, call Rob at 250-415-8280.

Thanks, we look forward to having you aboard!