FAST Budget and Forecasting – Version 4.3.10 upgrade

We have made considerable changes and improvements in FAST Budget and Forecasting as of verion 4.3.10. As always, your entire site will need to be upgraded to get these changes. Contact us and schedule your upgrade now!

A few of the overall Goals of the changes include:

  • Be more streamlined, allowing for faster data entry with less navigation
  • Be more consistent with all pages, look and functionality
  • Enhance functionality with new features
  • Streamline forecasting
  • Minimize client custom setup
    Some of the overall changes include:

  • Add Position Budgets and Distribution
  • Add new fields to budget pages (periods and fields)
  • Create new Finance Style pages
  • Create new development/budget data entry forms
  • Allow Forecast pages popup to be data entry
  • Allow Multi Year Planning pages to allow for quick and easy data entry
  • New Predefined Forecast functionality
  • Allow edit of imported data before posting
  • Create Page Level XL import
  • Allow Budget Transfer to use single $ column by period or existing DR/CR
  • Create Virtual Columns
  • New Posting Logic with better invalid code handling
  • Admin Role to edit posted budget records
  • Allow for Development Series to be restricted by Role
    We thought that the easiest way to show all of the new items was to create a video series demonstrating these features.
    The videos included in the series are as follows and can be played below:

    Overview 1: What’s New in FAST Budget and Forecasting?
    Overview 2: Position Planning Module
    Overview 3: Budget Development Module: Setup and Admin
    Overview 4: Budget Development Module: Development Entry Page
    Overview 5: Budget Development Module: New Summary Reports
    Overview 6: Budget Admin Module
    Overview 7: Budget Transfer Module
    Overview 8: In-Year Forecasting Module
    Overview 9: Multi-Year Planning Module