FAST version 4.3 What’s New

Welcome to FAST Version 4.3. We have worked hard to bring you new tools, a new user experience and more flexibility that ever before! Listed below are some of the highlights of this release.

Report Scheduler

The much anticipated Report Scheduler is now available in the brand new 4.3 release!

As an everyday end user, you can now schedule your most pertinent and time-sensitive Pinned Reports to be sent directly to you at regular and pre-defined intervals! You can choose the schedule, the frequency and even the desired report output such as PDF or Excel! You can easily manage your scheduled reports from a simple calendar that you can view in either Work Week, Full Week or Month-at-a-glance formats!
Click Here for a quick intro to this new feature!


Plus, as a Site Administrator, you can take the Report Scheduler a step further and begin to schedule your Group Pinned Reports for regular or ad-hoc distribution! You have the ability to select the frequency, the report format, the time of day, and then manage your groups to create a variety of reports delivered right to your end users’ inbox!
From one central calendar, you can review, modify, add or delete reports to be sent out at different intervals for each application within FAST – it doesn’t get any easier than that for on-demand reporting!

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New FAST navigation – get where you’re going even FASTer

Well, you asked for it, and we have definitely delivered with the FAST Version 4.3 Release!

Navigation is now quick and easy and also accessible from every single page within all FAST applications! In other words, no more hunting around; we have delivered simple navigational tools that will have you moving from page to page and back again like a pro in no time! We are also offering enhanced flexibility that will allow you to view the full taskbar or minimize it once you get where you’re going. You can also easily see which Tab you have “locked” down as your own personal default!
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Highlight by Row

Did you know you can highlight a single row of a report so that you can quickly and easily see which line you’re working on? This can be an incredible time-saver on your larger reports! This new feature allows you to work from left to right on the page and never lose your current row.
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Ability to tag an Approver as a “Favourite”

If you are one of our many end users who submit items such as Budget Transfers, Journal Voucher Documents or Web Requisitions for approval, we have a time-saving feature just for you! You now have the ability to tag as many approvers as you like as your designated “Favourites”. This means that they will always be available to select with a single click and will save you the time of searching for them, or typing in their Employee ID.

You can add as many as you need and if you work in more than one application, each of your applications will update as you add additional “Favourites”! (Provided the approver has privileges in each application).
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Data Entry Pages

Have you used the new data-entry style pages? We have recently worked hard to convert many of our data entry reporting pages to the new “data entry grid” style!

This means it’s now easier than ever to see what you’ve entered and how to save your work. Above all, the pages are easier to navigate and move from cell to cell! The pages are specifically designed to have the same look and feel as a standard Excel spreadsheet and allow you to move about the page using just your keyboard! A simple and visual toolbar will help guide you through your workflow and allow you to add new rows, save, delete, copy, undo and redo with just a click!
In addition to this, our enhanced menu security also makes it easy to assign your end users to different user groups and know whether or not they can make modifications to the pages or whether they can view and run the reports only.
Click Here for a data entry sample video!


Finance Pages run real time

We have now implemented the ability for selected users to be able to toggle the main reports in Finance to run from the warehouse or real time from the ERP system. This allows those users to immediately view any changes posted without having to wait for a refresh. This is intended to be a limited feature since running all reports directly against a production database is not recommended. This was a requested feature from imuc 2014 and was voted as a high priority for users.

New Calendar control

In conjunction with the new scheduling application, we have developed a new calendar control that allows data to be represented in calendar format. We have implemented this in two places to start. First it has been added to the Student Reporting application for Instructor Timetables, and also in the Human Resources Reporting application for Employee Leave data.

To find out everything that is included in FAST 4.3, click here to visit our Release Notes page.