FAST version 4.4 – What’s New

Welcome to FAST Version 4.4. We have worked hard to bring you great new tools, a new user experience and more flexibility than ever before!
Listed below are some of the highlights of this release.

Brand new and enhanced Graphing tools:

You’ve been asking for it, and here it is! New and improved Graphing gives you more flexibility in creating charts and graphs based on your Pinned Report data. You can now choose from a wider variety of graph “types”, customize the placement and direction of your labels and legend, and the changes also a more user-friendly, functional and intuitive interface to make it easier to chart your results and create a colourful, dynamic and interactive dataset.


Enhanced Dashboard functionality:

New and Improved Dashboarding means you can create Dashboards more easily, view them in a clear, tabular format, and organize them to your precise liking. Increased flexibility means additional options on size, position and even colour Palettes or “themes”!

How to Create a Dashboard

How to Manage your Dashboard


New security and sharing options for Pinned Reports and Dashboards:

The new security and sharing options provide enhanced flexibility when creating, managing and ultimately sharing your Pinned Reports or Group Dashboards. We have made some substantial changes including:

  • Eliminated “Public” Pinned Reports and replaced it with an “All Users” Group within each FAST application
  • Additional Sharing options including “View and Run”, “Edit and Maintain” and “Read Only”
  • The ability to share an entire Dashboard with members of a group, or share simply a select few charts and graphs on it
  • A clear delineation between “Groups” and “Roles”
  • And much more!

Create and Share Pinned Reports

Understand the difference between Groups and Roles


Column Level (ad-hoc) Dynamic Selections:

This is a cool one! – if you have ever wished you could run a report and then apply the resulting dataset against another report as a “filter”, then wish no more! We have added Dynamic Selection Reporting to the end user tools at the page (report) level. This is a powerful new feature and users can choose to keep their selection or simply run it ‘ad hoc’ and move on!


Use of Sub-totaling as a new, report level Advanced Option:

We have a few new options on the Advanced Options tab at the report level. One of those is a great new option called Sub-Totaling. This allows users to sub-total by up to three values in the report data. This provides users with more flexibility in how they display the report results on the page and avoids having to export the data to sub-total outside the system. You can then also choose to save those results by creating a Pinned Report.


Notifications and Chat within FAST:

We are pleased to introduce FAST Notifications and Chat Services. These are optional as of Version 4.4 and allow you to do two separate functions globally within the application: one is offer your end users visual Notifications of details or changes that may be of interest to them. For instance, a Pinned Report has been created or modified and added to a Group that I belong to; a FAST JV or Budget Transfer has been sent to me for approval; a Dashboard has been created and assigned to a Group that I belong to, just to name a few.


The Chat notification allows users to communicate with other FAST users right in the system – offering easy search functionality, clear message threads, and an easy to read Chat text box.


Ability to create tables in FAST manually and from an Excel spreadsheet:

For power users and/or FAST Administrators, this is a big one! You can now create, quickly and easily, a table in FAST either manually or, even better, from an Excel spreadsheet! Yep, just upload that spreadsheet into FAST and you can include the data or just the formatted headers. This provides you with the foundation to create a custom Data Entry Page within the application to eliminate duplication of efforts, reduce the number of shadow systems and human error and provide your end users with a clear one-stop shop for their reporting and data entry requirements.


User Role Assignment Auto Load functionality:

For Administrators and those responsible for adding or removing users from FAST, we have a great new option to simplify and automate some of that workflow! We have added Role Auto-Load to the front end of FAST, by application, where you can create rules to automatically add (or remove) users from any role in FAST. This can save time, effort and reduce error!


Ability to manage and customize Dashboard Themes (“Palettes”)

For Site Level Administrators, we have now, by popular demand, given you the ability to mange and create Colour Palettes, also referred to as “Themes” for your end user groups on the Dashboard. At the Site Admin level, you will set the “default” theme but end users can override those defaults at the Dashboard level. You can also customize those Palettes using school colours or other institutionally-driven themes!