FAST version 4.5 – What’s New

Welcome to FAST Version 4.5. We have worked hard to bring you great new tools, a new user experience and more flexibility than ever before!
Listed below are some of the highlights of this release.

Faculty Load and Compensation

The FAST Faculty Load and Compensation Module (FLAC) integrates Faculty, Course and Human Resource information together into one, easy-to-use interface and allows you to use your baseline ERP to the extent you choose and also supplement or replace that with the FAST data entry forms.
The Faculty Workload Term Summary page is typically the main page used for managing Faculty Workload and can be used both for data entry and reporting. This page displays summary information by term regarding faculty course load and non-instructional workload by HR position (HR position is optional depending on institutional practices).
If your institution is using your ERP-delivered Faculty Load and Compensation module, the ERP data will flow into the Faculty Workload pages within FAST. If your institution is not, you can optionally enter as much information as desired within the Faculty Course Workload and Faculty Non-Instructional Workload data entry forms within FAST.
For schools currently not using ERP baseline Faculty Load and Compensation: most are currently managing faculty course loads through Excel spreadsheets or other external documents. Historically, this approach has led to multiple challenges. The “multiple spreadsheet” approach can lead to inaccurate overload pay calculations, incorrect employee workload figures, and, ultimately, can cause issues when trying to generate course cost analysis or budget projections.
For schools that are currently using the ERP baseline Faculty Load and Compensation Module, there are challenges in providing sufficient access to upper level administration such as the Provost Office, Departmental Chairs relating to true FTE by Faculty in an easy-to-use format.
The FAST Faculty Load and Compensation Module will integrate the baseline solution (pages) where available and also allow users to maintain records right in FAST using our easy-to-use data entry forms and reporting pages.

Revenue Tracking

Functionality has been added to core Student reporting pages to break down charges assessed via the Student Fee Assessment process by course. This allows institutions to determine the total tuition and fees generated by course, by department, by college or even by instructor or teaching block.
FAST calculates these amounts by course in two ways, depending upon institutional term setup. If the institution has set up the system to “track charges by CRN”, this means that charges are automatically broken down within ERP system by Course (CRN). In this scenario, FAST simply uses the CRN associated with each charge.
If the system is not set up to “Track Charges by CRN” for the term, FAST uses fee assessment audit records, system fee assessment rules, and course fee rules to calculate the charges retroactively and attribute charges to the appropriate courses.
The key tracking information is now available on the Foundation Course Summary report.

Communication Center

By popular demand, we are pleased to now offer the fully integrated FAST Communication Centre! This can be used to send direct 2-way SMS, mass SMS and/or Email directly within the FAST application.

Alternate Hierarchies

Alternate Hierarchies are now available for administrators in FAST Finance Reporting. New “Alternate” hierarchies can be built out for reporting purposes for each element of Fund, Orgn, Acct, Prog and do not have to align with the standard or “default” Banner hierarchy. This allows for greater flexibility in accommodating reporting requests that were difficult and often very labour intensive.

Page Level Buttons

We have added the ability for developers and technical staff to create their own Page Level buttons to accommodate a variety of custom functions. Page Level buttons are created using stored procedures and can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Please send us an email for more information or for the technical requirements.

Notifications (2 types)


Manually created:

Revamped Advanced Options

Line Highlighting

This handy new feature allows you to click a row to highlight, OR double-click anywhere along the row for ease of use!

Updates to Dynamic Selection Reporting

Re-design and organize Training Videos

You asked, we listened! Introducing our new and improved training video library, including curated playlists, video descriptions, organizational “tags”, the ability to search using keywords or video tags, and much more!