Welcome to the New Year

Millennium Computer Systems, Ltd.
January 10, 2022

Looking Back on 2021

Mr. Gray Retires!

The past year saw several big and exciting changes for MillenniumPeter Gray, the founder of Millennium and leader of the company since 1996, officially retired in July 2021. After thorough research and vetting, Millennium was acquired by Banyan Software, Inc., a company focused on acquiring, building, and growing great enterprise software businesses like ours. While we all miss Mr. Gray here at the office, Banyan has been a great boost to Millennium in many ways! Peter Bruynzeel moved into the CEO position with Rob McMicking moving into the Vice President role. Additionally, we made the exciting decision to continue working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Quarterly What’s New Webinars

Beginning in the summer of 2021, our team decided to begin holding Quarterly What’s New Webinars to update our clients about all of the new updates that were released in the previous quarter. In the Fall, this was replaced by our Fall 2021 Webinar Series and will pick back up in February 2022 with our Winter What’s New Webinar.

IMUC Transition to Virtual

We began 2021 very optimistic that we would be able to hold our annual IMUC event for current clients in Banff, Alberta, in October. As Covid-19 vaccination rates rose and case numbers declined across the globe, we all looked forward to seeing everyone in person again. Unfortunately, as we neared the fall, cases began to rise again, and we made the difficult decision to transition IMUC to an online format dubbed the Fall 21 Webinar Series. We were blown away by our clients’ participation in the webinars, which ran between mid-October and mid-December. We had a record number of registrations and participants and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with hundreds of you from across the globe! You can find the recorded webinars on the Training Videos tab in FAST.


One of our more exciting projects during 2021 was the integration of FAST Student grading into the Brightspace LMS at one of our client institutions. The project’s success has opened doors to implement similar integrations with other learning management systems at other colleges and universities. Once enabled, this integration provides instructors with an import button on the FAST grading page that allows them to access their Brightspace grade book for the associated class and import the grades into the FAST grading sheet.

Client Referral Program

2021 also saw the launch of our client referral program! With our new referral program, you can receive a one-time discount on your next invoice when you refer a new college or university, and they officially adopt FAST. The new client will also receive a one-time discount as well. Reach out to us at customersupport@mcsl.com today if you have questions or would like to learn more.

Hussein has joined us!

Toward the end of 2021, we welcomed our newest team member, Hussein Elnahas! We are excited to welcome Hussein and his many years of experience in the software industry to Millennium as part of our Customer Success team.

Updates to FAST in 2021

We are especially proud of the major updates we made to FAST over the past year. The Customer Support Link is a newly added opportunity for clients to submit customer support cases and keep track of them via a new report called Support Cases. The new Customer Support Link is located under the Help menu in Site Administration.

We also gave FAST’s administration features a designated home with the new Administration Tab, allowing Site Administrators to make changes to baseline and custom reports more easily. The Administration tab is accessible by clicking the More+ tab on most reporting pages. On the Administration Tab, users can make quick changes to the Page Options, Data Grid properties (ie. how the report displays for all end-users), Filter Options, Application Labels, Default Sort Order, Pinned Reports, and Menu Access by User for any standard reporting page.

The Single Record View was one of our added features last year that we have seen our clients really excited about! On the Report Results page, users can now toggle between viewing all records/results and viewing a single record at a time. The single record view is available by clicking the icon on the toolbar above report results (next to the Grid Settings gear button).

Finally, we made several improvements to the Communication Center in FAST. Some of these include allowing administrators to send emails from specified email addresses, a Test button to practice sending emails,

Looking Forward

In addition to our 2021 updates to FAST, we have a few highlights to look forward to in the coming New Year. Keep reading to learn more!

Letter Generator

Our much-anticipated Letter Generator provides the ability for FAST users to create custom PDF reports that mix both text and data elements from your FAST Report. The Letter Generator will be available from any custom report and most baseline reports. Keep an eye out for our regularly updated Help File documentation and video tutorials, located within each FAST application.

– Create and share PDF templates

– Add images, text and rich text

– Format with different fonts and color, as well as lines and boxes

– Combine data from multiple reports to add a multi-line data grid to your template

– Web based designer

Optional Premium Support

The Millennium team is excited to announce our brand new optional Premium Support Package. This new option provides users with access to our most popular maintenance add-ons at a reduced price. With Premium support, users will have access to the following (and more):

– SMS texting across all FAST modules

– 10 hours of custom development or training per module

– A discount on additional custom work or training sessions

– Access to all training videos for each of your application subscriptions

Contact us at customersupport@mcsl.com for more information about this new opportunity.

New Imaging Capability

We are in the early stages of developing a document imaging system that can be used to upload, classify, and display images and documents throughout FAST.  This will provide the ability for FAST to display images on various reports whether they are baseline or custom reports.  We are building in a new layer of imaging security which will work on top of all existing page and row level security, to allow images to be places on various reports but limiting access to who can see which images.  Some of the highlights we anticipate including in our imaging system include:

– The ability to bulk load scanned documents or import one at a time

– Images will be quarantined for Classification—document type and read permissions, including defining the reports where the document can appear.

– Images will be available to view from FAST reports based on additional security

– Future integration with workflow options and the Letter Generator

If you have suggestions, a must-have feature, or if you would like to see the existing detailed spec document, please let us know. We are still in the early days of development and would love any feedback.