Off to a Great Start in 2021

Erika S. Veth, EdD
Millennium Computer Systems, Ltd.
February 16, 2021

Welcome to the New Year

We hope that all of our clients, colleagues, and friends had a restful winter break. We are excited about this bright and shiny new year. At this early point, 2021 seems full of promise to our team which spans Canada and the United States.

We are still all working from home and plan to do so until we feel it is completely safe to return to the office. However, this has really become our “new normal” and we are able to work at full capacity to support our clients.

New Releases

Even though it is still early in 2021, we are already developing new and exciting FAST features for release! For example, we are super excited to tell you that the page level Administration tab has been completely rewritten. Users now have more control and easier access to the most frequently used administration aspects of each page.

Users can now approve custom pages from the Administration tab, as well as view the number of times the report has been executed and link directly to the Page Builder Wizard.  For both custom and baseline pages users can now add new data grid columns or filter controls right from the Administration tab.  There are also sections with reports that list the users that have access to the page and what pinned reports have been created. It’s your new one-stop-shop for page administration!

Don’t forget to check our website regularly for our regular product updates. We are always working hard to keep FAST working at its best for you while improving and adding new features at the same time.

IMUC Update

We are currently still hoping to host our annual user conference—better known as IMUC in Banff, Alberta this year. We were able to move our 2020 reservations to October 2021 and are already coming up with ideas for what we’d like to cover. If you have any must-see session topics you would like us to cover, please let us know!

Winter Webinar Series

After successful spring and Fall webinar series, we’ve decided to offer a Winter Webinar series. You can find the recordings or upcoming sessions for this season below:

Using the Archive Table Feature

We added a new feature that allows users to create archive tables based on different frequencies. Archive tables are useful for many things in FAST reporting, but they can be especially useful comparing specific points in time and pinpointing employee summary and Job Records in HR.

Using FAST’s Communication Features to Improve Collaboration at Your Institution

This session will provide an overview of FAST’s email and SMS texting tools and how they can be used to reach out directly to staff, faculty, and students from within a FAST report. We will explore how to create standardized messaging by using communication templates and then leverage them by using scheduled communication events.

Enrollment Forecasting and Planning Tool

Postponed–Stay Tuned

Wish you had a crystal ball for strategic planning? Join us for an Enrollment Forecasting and Planning Webinar to see how our new EFP tool in FAST STUDENT can generate multiple forecast scenarios including enrollment, tuition, and faculty compensation.

Maximizing Your Use of Finance Dashboards

February 18th, 11am PST

This session will cover tips and tricks on how to create and maximize your use of dashboards in FAST Finance. Areas that will be covered include dashboard filters, creating dashboards to alert users on key metrics, and sharing dashboards for optimal team collaboration.

Advanced Custom Reporting: Tips and Tricks for Your IT Team

March 4th, 11am PST

This exciting and informative webinar, geared especially for the IT staff at your institution, will cover some behind-the-scenes information about FAST architecture and show some advanced examples of what can be done with our report builder with some technical know-how.

Stay tuned for updates, releases, and news from the Millennium team in 2021! We can’t wait!