iMUC 2012 Post Conference Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our post conference survey. We really appreciate the feedback and are currently discussing the results in preparation for our iMUC2013 conference.

Here are the results of the survey. We had 46 responses in total.

Did you attend IMUC 2012 in Calgary, Alberta?

Yes       58%

No        42%

Would you be interested in attending IMUC in 2013 in Vancouver, BC?

Yes                  87%

No                     2%

Maybe             10%

If the CBUC conference will be held Monday to Wednesday would you prefer to attend IMUC on:

(multiple answers acceptable)

Sunday – Full day 62.1% 37.9%
Thursday – Full day 81.5% 18.5%
Wednesday PM & Thursday AM 73.9% 26.1%

If IMUC required a minimal registration fee would you still be interested in attending?

Yes                   70.5%

No                    13.6%

Other               15.9%

Would you be interested in attending a social event in conjunction with IMUC hosted by Millennium?

Yes                   86.4%

No                    13.6%

Would you be interested in attending sessions presented by FAST users?

Yes                   93.2%

No                    6.8%

Would you be interested in being a presenter for a session, to share your knowledge and how FAST has improved your daily processes?

Yes                   14.6%

No                    85.4%