More than just hyperlinks!

On reporting pages the Hyperlinks tab allows you to add hyperlinks to column data to drill down into another report. In addition to hyperlinks you can also add formatting or functions to column data based on specified conditions.

On a reporting page, select the Hyperlink tab to begin.

-First you select the column on the report that you wish to apply the condition to.
-Next select the condition that will prompt the system to apply the hyperlink, format, or function. For example on an HR report – where first hire date is greater than Jan 1, 2010
-Then select a destination, such as a custom report or another baseline report. Here instead of a destination you can choose to apply a function such as an email control, or select none to just apply formatting.
-Finally select formatting options and add an optional tool tip that will appear when hovering over the formatted cell.
-Click Save to apply the changes.

If the Hyperlinks tab is not visible on the reporting page, it will be located under the +More tab. Or the page does not support the hyperlink functions.