New security for new style data entry pages


In version 4.2.14 we changed how menu security works for new style data entry pages. You’ll find the v4.2.14 release notes here.

This post expands upon the release note for case 22376:

“New style data entry pages can now have two levels of role security: read-only or read/write. When assigning a security role to a menu item on the Menu Access administration page, if that menu item is a new style data entry page you’ll see below it (+ icon in the tree) a gray/italic child node called “Data entry mode.”

If you want the security role to have full access to this data entry page, assign the role to the “Data entry mode” child node, and the role will automatically be assigned to the parent node as well, allowing that role both read access and write access.

If you want the security role to have read-only access, leave the “Data entry mode” node without security and only assign the role to the parent node.”


What is a “new style” data entry page?

New style data entry pages work like Excel sheets. You don’t have to click an edit button on a line, then save the line, then edit the next line, etc. You can click your cursor into any cell in the grid to make that field editable. You can edit multiple lines and save all your changes at once when you’re done.

To determine if a page is a new style page, look for the ribbon at the top of the grid:

Data entry ribbon

What changed?

On an older data entry page, you’d have to edit each line individually by clicking a pencil icon to switch the line into edit mode, then clicking the save/disk icon to save that line. On these older pages, anyone who had menu security access to the page would see all the columns on the page, including the column with the edit icons (edit, delete, save, cancel, etc). This means you could not give users read-only access to the page. If they could see the page in the menu, they could edit any line on the page.

For the new style data entry pages, the menu security looks like this:

No security applied yet

If you want to assign full read/write access to the page, you can assign security to both the “Configuration Settings” menu node, and the “Data entry mode” node as well:

Read/write security applied

(If you just drag the role to the “Data entry mode” node, it will automatically be assigned to any parent nodes that don’t already have the role assigned, in this case the “Configuration Settings” node and the top level “Administration” node.)

If you want to assign read-only access to the page, just assign security to the “Configuration Settings” menu node and leave the “Data entry mode” node blank:

Read only security applied