Not all Landing Pages are created equal!


Just because your school’s Landing Page is maybe a beautiful picture of your campus, doesn’t mean you’re forced to see it every single time you log into FAST!
We want to minimize the number of ‘clicks’ it takes for you to get where you need. Start by selecting the right landing tab!
To select your own personal default:
1. Pick a tab on the FAST Portal landing page – Pinned Reports? Dashboard? Training Videos? (my personal fave!)
2. Now click the Padlock on the Tab to ‘lock’ your selection. It will save for you as your own personal default every single time you log into FAST. If you change your mind, just click it again to ‘unlock’ and start over!
What’s even better? You can also choose a Tab for each FAST application – and it doesn’t even have to be the same one. Want to see Training Videos on the FAST Home Page and Pinned Reports in FAST HR? You have the power to make it happen! Just follow the same instructions for each of your FAST applications.