FAST – budget and forecasting


The FAST Budget and Forecasting application allows for both centralized and decentralized Budget development, management and Forecasting.  This enables departments to view and edit numerous budget scenarios, forecasts and multiyear plans for their areas.  It allows for detailed entry of dollars and FTE information, and can track down to the employee and position level.  There are numerous automation features to enable accurate and quick entry such as decentralized Budget Transfers, integration to your Human Resources ERP system, excel import features and various data entry options.

  • central budget management and administration,
  • create and manage budget series for multiple fiscal years,
  • unlimited What-If scenario planning which can be restricted to different groups
  • budget series can be created using data from multiple sources including prior and current years budgets, external sources such as Microsoft Excel, your payroll or hr system,
  • establish position budgets and track actual budgets against this plan
  • track budgets by month, quarter, annually
  • decentralized Budget Development, allowing for both detailed data entry down to the employee and position level
  • allows users to see how much budget they have had in the past, actuals and what their planned budgets are in the coming years,
  • allows for budgeting and forecasting for future years,
  • decentralized Budget Transfers allowing for transfers to be sent for multiple approvals before getting finalized and posted to both the budget and the GL,
  • allows for tracking of various data elements including position, employee, Dollars and FTE,
  • develop and track in year and multi year Forecasting
  • automated benefit model to allow salary information to be automatically encumbered with benefits to either pooled or decentralized accounts,
  • integrates to ERP Finance to provide actuals and commitment data,
  • integrates to ERP HR to extract job and position information,
  • create forecasts by month or quarter with comparisons.
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Enterprise Development Toolkit is also included, allowing you to build your own warehouse, reports and data entry pages.  

Report Scheduler is also included with FAST Budget, allowing you to schedule and distribute pinned reports via email.