FAST – finance reporting


Millennium’s FAST Finance Reporting provides decentralized self service financial reporting for all account holders, allowing fully supported, drill down access to all accounts for that user. Reports include relevant, timely information for actuals, commitments and budgets, showing where money is being spent and how it compares to approved budget amounts.

  • provides decentralized self service financial reporting for all account holders,
  • all numbers are fully supported with additional drill down to detailed transactions,
  • provides timely, relevant information for actuals, commitments, budgets and forecasts,
  • shows where money is spent and how that compares to approved budgets amounts,
  • reports summarized by any fields in the chart of account, at any hierarchy level,
  • pre build reports include data from Operating Statements, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and position control,
  • operating report formats include current year, data range, comparative, monthly, quarterly and annual trends and variances, Project to date and Forecasts,
  • limited by menu security, row level security and restricted field security,
  • complete data warehouse that refreshes nightly or on a schedule defined by the organization, providing no down time, even during a refresh,
  • flexibility to customize the data warehouse to meet the specific business rules for each organization,
  • Includes a financial statement editor that allows users to create customized groupings of data with fully supported drill down to details.  Many organizations use this to create lead sheets for financials or to report to government agencies when their chart of accounts groupings do not meet the needs of the report.
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Enterprise Development Toolkit is also included, allowing you to build your own warehouse, reports and data entry pages.  

Report Scheduler is also included, allowing you to schedule and distribute pinned reports via email.