FAST – journal vouchers

FAST Journal Voucher allows for the decentralized creation of web based journal vouchers which can be sent in for approval from the necessary stakeholders.  Each journal voucher allows for unlimited transactions to be entered, or imported from Microsoft Excel and can be set up as a single one time journal, a recurring journal based on dates provided, or a reversing journal for accruals at year end.  Each journal can have electronic documents attached and all coding is validated against the user’s row level security.  Once complete, the journal can be sent in for multiple electronic approvals, automatically creating email notifications for each approver.  All approver history and comments are tracked and once approved, the journal is electronically submitted to your ERP system for final processing.

  • single page to enter all information about a journal voucher,
  • 9,999 entries allowed for each journal,
  • easy import from Microsoft Excel to journal voucher line items,
  • create single, recurring or reversing entries,
  • allow for user entered document number or auto generated document number,
  • allow for additional unlimited text to be added and uploaded to ERP,
  • include unlimited external documents to be attached and stored with JV,
  • all external documents attached can later be viewed in Finance Reporting,
  • transaction lines support row level security and are validated on entry,
  • view PDF of journal voucher,
  • allows for multiple electronic approvals and tracks history and approval comments,
  • allows for electronic submission to ERP system,
  • full reporting of JV’s and status.
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Enterprise Development Toolkit is also included, allowing you to build your own warehouse, reports and data entry pages.  

Report Scheduler is also included, allowing you to schedule and distribute pinned reports via email.