FAST – report builder

FAST report builder can be used to build your own reports and dashboards. You can build these against any FAST data source, or if you have the FAST data connector license, you can use FAST report builder against other Oracle based, non FAST data sources.
Typical examples of this could be another Data Warehouse that contains your ERP data or a real time production database such as a parking system, library system etc. This will allow you to build entire reporting applications outside of the pre-built FAST applications.

Report builder is made up of two main components:

  • Graphical Query Builder
  • Report Page Builder Wizard


The Graphical Query Builder allows power users to create simple to complex queries using our simple point and click query builder. This query is saved and can be consumed by Report Builder.

The Report Page Builder Wizard provides the ability to create your own reporting pages, and have those reports integrated into the application similar to all of the FAST pre-built pages. The pages built contain all of the built in features including row and column level security, menu security, exports to Microsoft Excel and PDF. You can also create hyperlinks from each report to other reports in the system.