FAST – HR reporting


Millennium’s FAST Human Resource Reporting provides decentralized Human Resource reporting to track and manage all aspects of staffing including staff hires, jobs, faculty, leave and terminations. It also provides self-service departmental reporting by roles, such as class, employer codes and departments.

  • provides decentralized self service human resource and payroll reporting to track and manage all aspects of staffing
  • ability to display org chart data in a graphical hierarchy and export to visio
  • limited by menu security, row level Job Labor costing security and restricted field security
  • complete data warehouse that refreshes nightly or on a schedule defined by the organization, providing for no down time, even during a refresh
  • flexibility to customize the data warehouse to meet the specific business rules for each organization

Pre build reports include:

  • employee, job and position summary, detail and history reporting,
  • work flow reporting such as new hires, moves and terminations,
  • employee leave reporting including sick, vacation and others,
  • payroll summary and details including Earnings, deductions and payroll sub ledger details,
  • faculty reporting including tenure, contact hours and sabbatical.
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Enterprise Development Toolkit is also included, allowing you to build your own warehouse, reports and data entry pages.  

Report Scheduler is also included, allowing you to schedule and distribute pinned reports via email.