Purchasing Card – Attaching documents to transactions

In FAST Purchasing Card, you can attach a file to a transaction on the Account Holders | Edit Transactions page.
1. Click the attachments icon that looks like a paper clip. The Attachments section expands above the datagrid, listing the Document Reference ID.
2. Click . The Attachments dialog box opens and the Document Reference is filled in.
3. Type any Document Comments.
4. Click Browse and find the Path to the Document on your computer.
5. Select the check box if you want to Make the attachment confidential. If selected, it will not be shared with other FAST applications.
6. Click Upload File.
1. The document is added to the list.
2. If the File Name is very long, only the first 30 characters display.
3. A check mark displays if the attached file is marked as Confidential.
7. Click Hide Attachments. The page refreshes and there is an asterisk next to the attachment icon .

*The attachment feature is available throughout many of our other FAST applications. Search Attachments in the Online Documentation under the Help menu in the application for more information.