Saving your reports or graphs as a pinned report


If you use specific filter options and/or advanced options on a regular basis, you can save them as a pinned report to use again. Having your pinned reports and graphs readily available can reduce the amount of time spent recreating them. With pinned reports you can allow other system users to run your reports with the option to make the report public and let everyone with access to the page see it, or restrict access to other users by assigning a group role.

To save your report or graph as a pinned report:

If you haven’t done so already, create a report.

  1. At the bottom of the page, click Save as Pinned Report / Add to Dashboard.
  1. Type the Report Name.
  2. Type a Description of the report.
  3. You can do one of the following (optional):
    • The Make the Report part of Group list displays only if you have been assigned a group role. If you want to limit who sees this report, select a role from the list. Only other users assigned the same role can access this pinned report (optional).
    • If you want this report available to all users that have access to this page, select the Make Report Public check box. If you do not select this check box, only you have access to the report.
  1. To use the Dashboard, select one of the following (The Dashboard is a FAST application configuration setting and may not be used at your institution.):
  • If you want the graph to display on the dashboard you must select the Make Graph Available on Dashboard check box.
  • If you want the report (or the report grid for the graph) to display on the dashboard, select the Make Grid Available on Dashboard check box.
  1. Click save . Click to close the success message. Just below the Report Options title bar, a message displays the name of the pinned report/graph you just saved; you can click to close the message.

The graph or report is saved on the Pinned Reports tab; if you chose to make available on the dashboard, the graph icon displays in the dashboard column.

  1. Select the Pinned Reports tab. If it is not open, click the + More tab and then Pinned Reports.

Your graph/grid will be located in one of these sections:

  • Report Name (My Pinned Reports on the application home page): If you want to be the only person to see this report.
  • Group Pinned Reports: If you selected a Group Role in Step 4.
  • All Public Pinned Reports: If you selected the Make Report Public check box in Step 4.