Text Box Filter Operators

So you probably know how to enter text into a text box filter option on a FAST reporting page, but do you know how to use the operator functions that accompany them? You will notice the drop down list beside a text box that allows you to select LIKE, NOT LIKE, EQUAL, and NOT EQUAL. What is the difference between LIKE and EQUAL?

LIKE – If you select the LIKE option the filter will return any results that include the value you entered. So for example if you enter ‘Lin’ in a name filter the results may return Lin, Linda, Jacqueline, Madeline, Linden etc

EQUAL – If you select the EQUAL option the filter will only return results that are an exact match or equal to value you entered. So using the example above if you entered ‘Lin’ in the name filter the results will only return the value of Lin (if it exists) and nothing else.

So the NOT LIKE and NOT EQUAL basically perform the opposite, returning everything that doesn’t contain ‘Lin’ anywhere in the name, or everything that does not contain the exact word ‘Lin’