Transitioning to Version 4 Finance

Are you one of our many clients who is beginning to transition from FAST Classic to FAST Finance Reporting? Do you have what feels like a daunting number of end users who need to be trained before you can complete the transition?

We want to make the process as simple, as streamlined and as stress-free as possible!

We recognize that “change” of any kind can be stressful, so we want to help with that transition and show your user groups that while nothing has been lost in the new Finance Reporting platform, a wealth of new, powerful, time-saving features have been added!
We are confident that once your staff receives the proper training, they won’t look back!

This introductory webinar offers a fundamental overview of the new application when mirrored against the Classic version.

This is intended as an initial overview and should be used to supplement your existing training programs or Millennium’s Transition Training at your institution. We offer all levels of end user, power user and train-the-trainer courses and deliver onsite to ensure maximum uptake and the best possible results.

Contact us at today for more information about your department’s transition to the new Finance Reporting application!