University of Victoria – Deans Need Data Too

Most schools have data across hundreds of spreadsheets and/or within multiple data sources. It is difficult to access campus-wide data in one clear and user-friendly place. Many schools struggle to answer the question: how do we get all campus data, from various sources, in one place, in a clear and user-friendly format, along with the highest level of security and automation?

The University of Victoria (UVic) set out on a multiyear, presidential initiative to create a tool that answered this question and allowed administrators, deans and chairs to view their annual data.

This tool collects data from all necessary sources on campus and is placed in one uniform report. The tool is filled only with useful, easy to understand data these groups need and nothing more. The goal of this project announced by the President at UVic, Jamie Cassels, was to develop a set of tools and processes that could be used to assess the university’s academic and administrative programs and compare these results to its strategic priorities and resource allocations. The objective being for budget decision-makers to be more attentive of their budgets and the performance of their programs through an annual review where centralized data is collected and consolidated into one report.

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