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about us

Millennium specializes in providing administrative software solutions and professional services to the International Higher Education market. Founded in 1996 in Victoria, BC, as a small, independent office, Millennium has grown into a network of branches supporting its many clients globally.
Our Fast Administrative Support Tools (FAST) are a collection of secure, web-based solutions developed entirely in-house, offering easy-to-use input and detailed reporting of enterprise data under a single, secure portal.
Millennium’s Professional Services division effectively leads and coordinates project within the post-secondary and health sectors to successfully deliver projects and services to our varied project stakeholders.
We also provide instructor led web-based training and video tutorials for your end-user community in order to effectively utilize all that FAST has to offer.
At Millennium, we really pride ourselves on being partners in your success!

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FAST tips

Insights for Registrars and Admissions Officers from PACRAO 2016
November 9, 2016

Registrars and admissions officers gathered last week at the annual PACRAO conference in Las Vegas, NV and we were fortunate to be able to deliver a presentation around using technology to better report, forecast, and analyze admissions and enrollment numbers.

You can download the presentation here.

While we were there, we picked up on some major themes that we thought would be valuable to share:

 1. The need for a single “system of record” for admissions and enrollment numbers

There was quite a bit of discussion about not only consolidating data from multiple sources so that there was a single set of information but how to share and collaborate around that data.  Our FAST reporting and analytics software provides the single view into the data as well as makes it easy to share on a scheduled basis.

2. Think about competencies and skills vs. job titles when building your organization

Rather than staffing for a role or job description, think about the skills and competencies needed to perform the job well as a starting point. Once defined, then seek out candidates with those skills or develop put a plan in place to develop them in existing staff members.

3. Systems should support workflow

Take a look at how you are doing your work and where current systems are creating extra steps or inefficiencies.  Rather than focus on data entry, spend time looking into what the data tells you – trends, comparisons, and insights.  Our FAST reporting and analytics software enables this by accessing existing data in your administrative system and providing pre-configured views so you can “look beyond the numbers.”

More Tips

After a training session: “Thanks so much. The last one went really well – everyone was really impressed with the product and your support. “Anna - Oregon Tech
Thank you! I love FAST.....
Your customer service, and promptness are the best of any company I have dealt with in a long time!!! Thank you!Wendy - OIT
We very much appreciate the opportunity of having input into the development of the FAST Research module as well as the proactive approach Millennium takes in engaging their clients in discussions regarding possible improvements and modifications to their FAST applications. Ms. Sandy Bligh, BA(Hons), MA, Director, Research Accounting, UVic
I had been manually collecting and graphing aggregated clinical information from primary care clinics for years dreaming about a more automated way to do this. Fortunately, the stars aligned through a project jointly launched by Northern Health and the University of Northern BC. Millennium was hired to manage the project and provide information technology expertise. The experience couldn't have been better. A revolutionary product emerged on time and under budget. Dr. Bill Clifford- Chief Medical Information Officer, Northern Health
I have had many occasions to work directly with Millennium in creating customized reports and queries for our University - their client based customer service has always been excellent and they take the time to understand our business practices. Jill Stringer, Client Account Manager (HRIS), Client Services – University Systems, University of Victoria
Working with MCSL is always a pleasure. I have found they are very open to new ideas and bring their significant PSE experience to the discussion, enabling them to provide innovative and effective solutions to our operating needs. They partner actively with their user community to provide a superior product and a very satisfactory customer experience.Valerie Evans, Manager - Business Operations - Carleton University
"Student Systems Support Services have been consistently impressed by how quickly Millennium staff respond to our questions and requests. Discussing business problems with them always results in new ideas and approaches for us to consider." Merrilee Hoen, Director of Student Systems Support Services, UVic
The staff at Millennium are highly trained professionals and regarded in their field of expertise. They keep up to date with new technologies and moves the college forward with new functionality like dashboards. Dianna Creamer, Mohawk College
Using MyResearch, we are able to provide the research community with access to the same information in an easy to use interface, enhancing their ability to track the financial components of their projects. Sandy Nelson, Carleton University