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Millennium is a different type of company than you may be used to.  We don’t just sell solutions, we are part of the solution and form long term relationships with your organization.  We include the entire implementation cost in the purchase price so you know exactly what the project will cost.

We provide continuous training to ensure your new staff are trained and productive with our software right away!  We will even install our applications, test them and get them running with your business rules before they go live. 

Millennium was founded in 1996 when it started implementing Sungard Banner systems for our clients. It was soon realized that an improved system of reporting tools was needed so we began working directly with our clients in an effort to develop an effective and efficient set of reporting tools. Rapid growth lead to EASY – Educational Accounting System, which was later changed to FAST – Financial Administration Support Tool.  Once this effective support tool had been developed for institutions of higher education, the next logical step was to move into student reporting as well as human resources.

Software Solutions

Our FAST software solution is designed to ensure all of your administrative business needs are met, while ensuring your user community have the correct tools to collect and deliver accurate information at the right time, improving decision making both for account holders and the institution as a whole.  FAST Reporting modules are pre built solutions that are quick to implement, highly decentralized and provide real data immediately to your stakeholders.  FAST Online Data Entry modules are designed to integrate with institutional Enterprise Resource Applications (i.e. Ellucian Banner, Oracle PeopleSoft etc) to extend functionality, add value and provide proven, tested solutions that are ready to deploy immediately. Millennium FAST products are now used extensively in Canada, USA and Australia.

Training Solutions

We offer a variety of training options to ensure you constantly keep your user community trained on all versions and aspects of FAST.  We offer online videos and onsite training to ensure your new and returning staff are making the best use of their time and ensuring maximum return on your FAST investment.