Millennium provides Custom Training Programs that offer a variety of flexible training options for your institution and departmental end user groups.

We believe the best way to engage your staff, boost productivity and ensure that your staff are fully up to speed and getting the most value from using the FAST modules is to make sure they are comfortable with the application and well trained along the way.

Recognizing that both enterprise and departmental clients typically require a much higher level of autonomy in terms of their ability to complete various configurations in-house, we have simplified the process by which our clients and their employees can access the training services for our various products.

The new training model includes a variety of web-based e-learning and video tutorial modules. Targeted training courses are available for all levels and are intended for the end users in your institution. This means that you will be able to learn and teach your staff the day to day tips, tricks and inherent time-saving functionality that the FAST products are known for.

The net result? A more efficient and less stressed out office!

We believe your team learns best by “doing” and so we involve them throughout the initial configuration and solution set-up so that they’re there and “on-board” right from the start.

Our new Training program includes:

1) Our new How Do I? video series consisting of short, 5 minute tips and tricks videos.

2) Starting in FAST v4.2.10, video training embedded directly into the FAST application. We create video playlists that have all the information right at the users finger tips.

3) On site training sessions. These can be canned or custom courses, and will utilize your own data and business rules. Typically these are two day, on site class room training sessions.

Some of the popular courses we are offering include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Start-up Kit
  • Annual Refresher Kit
  • Classic to v4 Finance Transition Course
  • The Administrator’s Toolkit
  • Faculty Training Course
  • Query and Page Builder Course
  • Dynamic Selection Reporting
  • Pinned Reports, Dashboards and Graphing

Nadia’s Cheat Sheet
Pinned Report Cheat

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